Tuesday, September 2, 2014 6:30 PM

Roseville Board Room

Minutes version 9/26/14


Board Members Present:  Diane Ziemer, Gina McCrone, George Hagemann, Paul Frenz, Pete May, Fran Rabe, Pat Seleen, Gary Stang,

Also Present: George Blank, Pete Hawkins, Kate Kovar, Mike Kubes, Jim Pederson, Steve Scott, Loren Stark


The meeting was called to order at 6:32 pm.

The minutes from the August 5th, 2014 were approved by George.  Pete made a 2nd motion to approve.

Effective September 2, 2014, Michelle Brougher has resigned from Board.  She will continue her other roles.  We will discuss board positions following the meeting.

Treasures Report

The Aug 28, 2014 report was reviewed by Diane.  Refer to report for detail.  It was suggested that reserves be held as a separate line item.

Leader Training

Pete Hawkins reported that he plans to reduce future expenses by holding smaller group meetings at facilities that do not charge a rental fee.  He plans to utilize a Train the Trainer model.

Membership Report

The report dated 9/1/14 was discussed.  Refer to report for detail.

We would like to get statistics from Membership Committee.  We plan to generate a list of what we are interested in. 

A motion was made by Paul: "I hereby consent to TCBC's use of my email address to give me notice of annual and special member meetings."  A second motion was made by Gina.  These changes would require web modifications that you must opt-out of electronic notifications.  Other required changes include forms on the web and the back of the newsletter.  The Neon System would also require changes. 

It was noted and discussed that the number of rides offered on Sundays are not very plentiful.  The possibility of surveying the ride leaders to determine the barriers related to the lack of Sunday rides was discussed.  There were not any final decisions made on this matter.

Ride Awards for 2015

Loren Stark reported in 2014 100 people opted in for a medallion.  This represents about 8% of the membership that qualified for a medallion.  We should consider our options for this year:

  1. Continue the same opt in approach.  (Medallions cost $5).
  2. Members, if they choose to receive a medallion, pay for a medallions

After discussion, it was decided to continue the same approach as the previous year (must opt in) with the requirement that the medallions must be picked up within a designated time-frame.  This prevents us from having to mail them (and the associated expense).


Charitable Donations

We need a list of groups we support for the media kit. 

Consider Spokes.  (Free ride for adults and teens.) 

Banquet Sponsors

Sponsors are offered seats at the Recognition Banquet (the top 3 levels) Carbon, Titanium. Steel.  The event will be held at the Ramada (same location as previous years) on February 7, 2015.

The Annual Meeting will be held November 2, 2014 at Advent Lutheran Church.  Meeting at 6 pm.

Web Site Activity

Frequency of web visits and hits was presented by Kate Kovar.  This shows members are visiting the web site at a very high volume.  The activity shows members and non-members are being exposed to the ads on the site.

Randonneur Committee

The committee met on 8/26/14.  Pete Hawkins summarized the meeting outcome:  Randonneur members are required to be TCBC members.  Refer to PH’s notes from the meeting for detail related to the decision process.  The schedule for 2015 reviewed was reviewed and approved.  There are more rides in the cities. Pat moved to accept.  Paul 2nd the motion.

Volunteer Update – Mike Kubes

We have enough volunteers for the St. Paul Classic.

Additional volunteers are needed for the Expo – Eriks Garage Sale; especially September 13th. 

Bike U Coordinator

John Ford has agreed to continue as the Bike U. Coordinator. Mike K. has agreed to help him.

Jerseys for 2015 – Pete May

Options for 2015 are being evaluated by a committee consisting of Steve Scott, Mike Kubes, Pete Hawkins, Gina McCrone, Pat Seleen.  This committee charge does not include a TCBC branding evaluation.


September 9th is the deadline for the next newsletter.

Board Member Slate

The prospective nominees, George Blank and Kasey Kramer were reviewed and discussed.  Three (3) current members are up for re-election (Diane, Pete and Paul.)   This is the slate of candidates.  Gary made a motion to accept the slate of candidates.  Fran made a second motion.  The motion was approved.

We will need bios of the new candidates for the next newsletter. 


Deadlines for Doug are September 9th

Upcoming Events

St Paul Bike Classic – Sept 7; Halloween Ride – Oct 25; Annual Meeting – Nov 2

Next Board Meeting

The next Board Meeting is scheduled for October 7, 2014.  It will be held at the Roseville Library Board Room.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:32 pm.

Minutes by Fran Rabe 9/25/14, revised 10/8/14