Minutes of the Twin Cities Bicycling Club Annual Meeting

November 3, 2013

Held at Jimmy’s Event Center, Vadnais Heights

Recorder: Gina Sapia

Roll call and proof of notice of meeting

TCBC President Patt Seleen called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.  A 5% quorum was met with approximately 175 members present.  Patt presented the meeting notification postcard as proof of notice of the meeting.

Introduction of the Board

Patt Seleen introduced the 2013 TCBC board members: Michele Brougher, Paul Frenz, George Hagemann, Pete May, Gina McCrone, Gina Sapia, Patt Seleen, Gary Stang and Diane Ziemer.

Reading of Minutes of the November 4, 2012 annual meeting

Each table seat had a copy of the 2012 minutes for members to review.  Gina Sapia asked if anyone had any changes or comments.  There were none.  Patt Seleen then asked for approval of the minutes.  A motion was made and seconded, and they were unanimously approved.

Reports of Officers

2013 in Review

Patt Seleen reviewed some of the goals and highlights of 2013.  The club celebrated 1,000,000 miles, the newsletter was updated to a colored PDF format, a new ride schedule calendar was created and implemented, John Ford became the new Bike U coordinator, the board made some minor changes to the bylaws, the club had 18 new ride leaders, 157 ride leaders attended ride leader forum, the Watermelon event net proceeds were donated to Cycles for Change, the LAB Summit was attended by 3 club volunteers and a new club brochure was designed.

2014 Priorities

  • Establish plan for member retention
  • Tech committee
  • Committee to look at members only
  • Membership system
  • Schedule/calendar
  • Mileage/ridestats
  • Volunteer coordinator/committee
  • Recognition banquet planning committee
  • Ironman event coordinator
  • Watermelon ride committee
  • The Recognition banquet is Saturday, February 1, 2014.  Patt Seleen reminded the members that we all must opt-in to receive a mileage medal.
  • David Gepner called attention that both Richfield and Winona were announced to be “bike-friendly communities”.
  • Mary Miller stated that she’s noticed there are less B/C and C evening rides.  She would like to see more.
  • Pete Hawkins recognized Patt Seleen for serving as the club’s president for 3 years.

Financial Report

Gary Stang presented the financial statements for the fiscal year-ended October 31, 2013.  He went over the income statement in summary, which showed the club incurred a loss of approximately $17,700 for the year.  In addition, Gary reviewed the budget for the 2013/14 fiscal year.

Reports of Committees


Gina McCrone presented a summary of the membership statistics.  Membership has dropped 5% from 2012 to 2013.  The board of directors is looking into ways to increase membership.  Gina encouraged people to click on “Join us” on the home page to access their membership account.  She thanked the membership committee, Kristi Linder, Scott Larson and Mary Derks, for all of their hard work in keeping the membership statistics for the club.


Ginny Halloran updated the members on sponsorship.  Ginny prepares the billings for the sponsors each quarter.  She reported that sponsorship revenue was $23,211 in 2012/13, a slight decrease from the prior year.  There are currently 15 sponsors in various categories.  The top three are Erik’s, Penn and the city of Mankato.  Ginny encouraged members to patronize the sponsors’ shops and, if possible, lead rides from their stores.  She thanked the members of the sponsorship committee.

Scheduling and Mileage

Michele Brougher presented the scheduling and mileage report.  She went over the various systems that makes the club run:

A new calendar was designed and implemented this year.  The old calendar failed suddenly and had no upgrade path.  Members wanted new features including a mobile view and integration with maps.  Also, the board wanted to begin simplifying the systems by moving towards one ISP and use technology with a long life span.  In addition to the new calendar, there are some new features within the mileage system.  We will be changing our online PDF’s to list members alphabetically, leaders will be receiving monthly customized reports listing the rides they have led and the mileage system will begin notifying expired members when they attend rides.  The 2014 technology plan is currently being created which will focus on simplifying and reducing costs and making the most of our volunteers’ time.  In addition, the TCBC website hasn’t been updated in many years.  The board will look into adding new features and better organization to help us communicate with members and non-members.

Safety Report

Paul Frenz presented the safety report.  He reported that the number of accidents was down this year over prior years.  In 2012, there were 23 accidents which was 5 less than 2011.  He attributes the reduction in accidents to ride leaders taking the time to go over safety reminders before each ride and the safety articles in the newsletters.  He thanked the other safety committee members, Nancy Welsh and Gina McCrone, for all of their help on the committee.

Newsletter Report

Doug Nelson thanked everyone who has contributed to the newsletter by writing articles.  Some, but not all, were Bob Brown, Paul Frenz, Michele Brougher, Jim Pederson, Jeff Ramburg, Patt Seleen, John Ford, Karen Johnson, Kristi Linder, and Nancy Welsh.  He also thanked Steve Scott for his hard work on the newsletters each month.

Volunteer Report

Diane Ziemer presented the volunteer report.  She explained that the club needs volunteers and that it takes many people to keep the club running smoothly.  TCBC is the largest recreational bicycling club in the Twin Cities and besides having a bike ride to choose from just about every day, there are many special events and activities to participate in.  Including ride leaders, approximately 15% of club members volunteer their time to the club.  She would like to increase it to 25%.  Some upcoming 2014 volunteer needs are:

Election of Directors

Paul Frenz announced the slate of nominees: Michele Brougher (incumbent), George Hagemann (incumbent), Gina McCrone (incumbent) and Fran Rabe.  Paul asked if there are any nominations from the floor.  None were noted.  Paul then asked for a motion from the floor for the above-mentioned nominees.  A motion was made and seconded, and was unanimously approved.



The meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm.