Tuesday, June 3, 2014 6:30 PM

Maplewood Library Community Room

Board Members Present:Diane Ziemer, Gina McCrone, Fran Rabe, Patt Seleen, Pete May, Michele Brougher, Paul Frenz, Gary Stang, George Hagemann

Extra Attendees: Pete Hawkins, Mike Kubes, Jeff Ramberg, Doug Nelson, Roger Fickbohm, Jim Pederson

The meeting was called to order at 6:30

The minutes from the May 6, 2014 Board Meeting were approved with minor amendments (spelling errors). Pete May made a motion to accept as amended and Fran Rabe made a second motion.


  • Treasurers Report-Roger went over the Balance sheet, Profit and Loss by Class, Budget vs Actual by Class, and transaction detail by Account. Roger stated the Quick Book New release is working great. Roger also stated Quick Book has a document attached file we could use. Maybe this would help with retention files?
  • Ride Stats Report-Michele-60-70 ridestats still outstanding from ride leaders! New ride sheet upload process is working great and is very complete. I.e. name and date and ease of use. FYI-Microsoft Explorer 8 is not supported by Microsoft.  Also rider mileage now is alphabetical after top 10 leaders. (last name first) This should help with finding your name quicker in mileage stats.
  • Membership-Diane-Report submitted by Mary Derks. Total membership is 1,684 as of June 1, 2014. Individual numbers are up as expected with the ride season.

New Business

  • Watermelon Ride-Doug Nelson-Parking is in place at the church, Incarnation Lutheran Church. Lisa Anderson has 2 cases of old water bottles in the storage locker to use.

Charity Donation? Will decide after the ride to see if any profits were made. Ie Cycles for change, TCBC, Free bikes for kids were some of the suggestions. Doug still working on advertising for the event. Patt Seleen will follow up with Russ and Tyler Lowthian at “Have Fun Biking” for advertisement for the event.

  • Volunteer Update: Mike Kubes-Northstar Bicycle Festival still looking for volunteers. Evie Walters is looking at new venues for the Annual meeting and the Recognition banquet. Any suggestions appreciated. Also looking at other dates for the meeting and banquet but the board agreed to keep the banquet on Saturday night. Some dates have decreased cost associated with them.
  • Newsletter Communication Plan-Patt Seleen-Looking at the strategic plan from previous years. Patt is in communication with Lisa Austin (sponsorship committee) to see what the sponsors are looking for.
  • New Members First time experience signing into the website-Diane-Refer them to FAQ in the new member site!
  • Ride Key Discussion-Pete Hawkins-First look at old key and form a committee to review the key. The committee will consist of Pete Hawkins A/B, Jeff Ramberg B, Jeff Johnson A/B, Bob Floyd A/B, Mary Miller B/C, Loren Stark A/B. Looking for C rider. Committee will plan on meeting the end of June or early July.
  • Salida Colorado Bicycling Club by Laws-Paul Frenz-Harry Brule, previous TCBC member would like our bylaws and articles of incorporation to help start the club in Colorado. The board gave approval as it is already public knowledge and on our website. Paul will follow up with Harry Brule.

Gary Stang-Board nominating committee- 3 members leaving, Patt Seleen, Gary Stang and Gina McCrone. Committee includes Alex Devrye and Gary Stang. The terms: 2 members for 2yr and 1 member for 1 yr term.

Board had a discussion regarding Branding TCBC. We need a marketing professional for website design, jersey design, advertising etc, Will get several quotes and place in 2015 budget. Will also form a committee and work with the technology committee.

Storage Locker will be cleaned out after watermelon ride and maybe get a smaller locker if needed and help decrease the fee.

Upcoming Events:

VIP Picnic Aug 11, 2014

No July Board meeting

Next meeting August 5,2014

Meeting adjourned at 8:39 PM, Patt Seleen made a motion to adjourn and Fran Rabe seconded the motion.

Minutes submitted by Gina McCrone