Tuesday May 6, 2014 6:30 PM

Roseville Library Board room

Board members Present: Diane Ziemer, Gina McCrone, Fran Rabe, Paul Frenz, Pete May, George Hagemann, Gary Stang

Board Members Absent: Patt Seleen, Michele Brougher

Extra Attendees: Doug Nelson, Steve Scott, Pete Hawkins, Roger Fickbohm, Mike Kubes

The meeting was called to order at 6:35pm by Diane Ziemer

The minutes from April 1, 2014 Board Meeting were approved with 2 minor changes. Diane made a motion to accept as amended and Fran made a second motion.


  • Treasurers Report March and April-Roger Fickbohm:Roger went over the March and April cash disbursements, income statements by class, balance sheet and account receivables. Roger stated the new Quick Books Release is a big improvement over the previous version thus far. Diane will get 1 person from each TCBC committee to discuss 2015 budget.
  • Membership Report from Mary Derks was reviewed by Diane Ziemer. Refer to report for more detail. Also membership fee corrected online
  • Technology Report is unavailable do to Michele’s Absence.

New Business

  • Watermelon Committee Budget-Doug Nelson: Watermelon ride is on track for the 2014 ride and the brochures will be going out soon. Doug asked where the profits will be going this year? Cycle for change? The board will decide at the June board meeting.  Mike Kubes will post volunteer openings for the Watermelon Ride.
  • 2014 Annual Meeting/2015 Recognition Banquet-Diane: The board discussed combing the 2 meeting into 1. The board decided to continue with keeping the annual meeting and recognition banquet separate.
  • Annual meeting 11/2/2014(Sunday)-Jimmy’s banquet facilities was suggested again. Will check into pricing.
  • Recognition Banquet 2/7/2015 (Saturday). Diane Ziemer, Evie Walters and Mike Kubes looking into a new venue for the banquet. All ideas welcome.
  • VIP Picnic August 11, 2014-Michele (absent)/George Hagemann: Como Park, Buca to cater the event.
  • Volunteer Update-Mike Kubes:


Northstar Bicycle Festival (NVGP)-looking for TCBC volunteers

Halloween Ride-Gina McCrone: Will book Brackett Park again.

Oct. 25, 2014

Labor Day All Club Ride-Tom Brix to coordinate in Minnetonka
St Paul Classic-September 2014-Tom Mosiman to coordinate

  • Discuss new committee to Review Newsletter Communication Plan-Diane
  • Currently we print 10 publications a year. Should we decrease to 5 or 6 per year? What impact would this have on our sponsors? Committee will look into these issues, Patt Seleen, Lisa Austin, Doug Nelson and Pete May. Printing cost for ironman alone was $2925.00 for $3900 copies. We will ask membership to survey club members regarding the printed newsletter.
  • Validation issue-Pete Hawkins: Please don’t hold the ride for posting due to no member number or can’t read name or phone number. Ridestats is currently updated as of this board meeting.



  • Doug Nelson-Newsletter  No issues currently

Upcoming Events

  • All Club Memorial Ride-May 24
  • Tour of Lakes-June 6-8
  • Northstar Bicycle Festival-June 11-15
  • Watermelon Ride- July 4

TCBC Brochures handed out to Board members for delivery to bike shops.

Next meeting June 3, 2014 Roseville Library Board Room 6:30pm

Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm
Minutes submitted by Gina Mccrone