Tuesday, April 1, 2014 6:30 PM

Roseville Library Board Room


Board Members Present: Diane Ziemer, Michelle Brougher, Paul Frenz, Pete May, Fran Rabe, Patt Seleen, Gary Stang

Board Members Absent: George Hagemann, Gina Mccrone

Extra Attendees:  Hugh Gitlin, Pete Hawkins, Mike Kubes, Doug Nelson

The meeting was called to order at 6:30

The minutes from March 3, 2014 Board Meeting were approved with minor amendments.  Diane made a motion to accept as amended and Pete made a second motion.

  • Treasurers Report by Diane- We do not have a report due to Roger’s inability to access a computer.  The information will be dispersed to the Board members when it is available.

  • Membership Report dated 4/1/14 was reviewed by Diane.  Refer to the report for detail.
  • Technology Update by Michelle:
    • Neon fee structure is based on the amount of data stored.  We plan to limit our data storage to 3 years and archive anything older.  This will guarantee we won’t cross the next fee structure boundary.  In the future we may need to evaluate if Neon’s model is appropriate for us.  Action Item:  MB will look into to see if we can archive some information.
    • Michelle plans to test the Guest Pass prior to implementation.
    • The web site will be modified to add on the top bar “Members” and “Try Us”.  Both will have drop-downs with additional information.
  • Benefits of Membership Statement by Paul
    •  The statement was discussed and changes were suggested.  Action Item: A new version will be drafted by Paul and Patt.
  • Ride Policy Changes for Ride Leaders by Pete H
    • Reviewed statement version PMH 4/2014.  Minor changes were suggested.  Action Item: Pete H will revised accordingly.
  • Ride Leader Training by Pete H
    • An additional training with approximately 10 attendees will be held May 8th.  This is a new format.
    • Next year we will utilize a train the trainer model.
    • New ride briefing cards were distributed to attendees of the board meeting.
    • The Ride Leader Forum is April 2 at the Shoreview Community Center
New Business
  • New Volunteer Coordinator (Mike Kubes) was introduced.  He provided a brief background on his professional and volunteer experiences.
    • Working on getting people to work the booth at the Ironman.
    • It was agreed by all members that the May Newsletter should have a Volunteer Corner.
  • North Star Grand Bicycle Fest -Hugh Gitlin
    • North Star is the new name for the June festival.
    • North Star wants to partner with TCBC
    • The Grand Fondo is June 14th
    • A link from the North Star web site will bring visitors to the TCBC web site.
    • The TCBC booth will be at 3 of the events and the TCBC flag will be prominently displayed
    • 12-18 volunteers are needed
    • TCBC will promote free rides in conjunction with the Festival for non-members during the week of June 9-15th.  North Star will state this on their web site.
    • The North Star web site will be modified to account for volunteers being able to list what group they are representing (TCBC).
    • The Ride Forum will be used to recruit volunteers for the Festival.  Mike Kubes will be introduced at the Forum.
  • May Newsletter – Doug Nelson
    • Additions to the newsletter were discussed and it was decided to do a volunteer corner on the back page.  A schedule with events will also be provided. 
  • New Member Rides – Paul Frenz
    • We will continue to mail a letter to new members.
    • Paul will continue to coordinate and lead New Member Rides.  He would like an additional Leader to ride sweep. Recruiting of an additional Leader for this purpose will occur at the Ride Leader Forum.
    • The New Member Rides will be discussed and listed on the web site  under “Try Us”
  • Mahtomedi Community Cycling Event is April 26th from 9-1- Diane Ziemer
    • The event is center around sustaining and recycling
    • We will have the TCBC booth at the event
  • Open Street Events – Paul Frenz
    • There are 4 scheduled in Minneapolis this year.  These are run by the  Bike Coalition and the city of Minneapolis
  • New Brochures – All
    •  We are out of old ones. We spent $692.00 for 2000 brochures and $612.00 for 1500 brochures(2014) .  These lasted about 3 years.  Action Item:  Patt will get a price quote from Steve Scott.
    • We don’t appear to have any monies budgets for new brochures.  Action Item:  Diane will check with Roger to confirm it actually is not in the budget.
    • We may want to do a limited re-print of current brochure with some very minor revisions incorporated.
  • Web Site Update – All
    • The web site inconsistently states member fees.  This needs to be changed. We need to update the web site with the current fee.  Will need to pay for this change in Neon. 
  • Watermelon- Doug Nelson
    • The location is changing back to the old location.  The starting point will need to change due to the resurfacing of the Deluxe parking lot.
    • Last year’s caterer will not be providing service for the event.  The Board decided to self-cater.
    • There is a budget for the event.  The goals is for a net revenue of $90
Upcoming Events
  • Ride Leader Forum – April 2
  • Ironman – April 27
  • All Club Memorial Ride – May
Next Meeting

6:30 May 6, 2014 - Roseville Library Board Room

Meeting adjourned at 8:45

Minutes submitted by Fran Rabe 4/2/14