TCBC Board Meeting

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Location: Roseville Library Board Room

Recorder: Fran Rabe

Board Members Present: Diane Ziemer, Michele Brougher, Gina McCrone, Paul Frenz, George Hagemann, Pete May, Fran Rabe and Gary Stang
Also Present: Roger Fickbohm, Pete Hawkins, Doug Nelson

The Meeting was called to order at 1830

Consent Agenda

A consent agenda format was implemented for the first time at this meeting. The following consent agenda items were reviewed:

➢ Minutes from January 7, 2014
• The minutes were approved with minor amendments. Refer to the final version for details.
➢ Resolution document for new ISP/Alfresco
➢ Board Meeting Schedule/2014 Main Calendar Events
• Minor revisions were made to the schedule and calendars. Refer to the final amended versions for details.

Michelle made a motion and Gina seconded it to approve the agenda with amendments as detailed in the applicable documents.


The Treasurers Report discussion was led by Roger.

➢ There is an unknown source of credit. Refer to Treasures Report.
➢ Blue Pay expenses reviewed and discussed. It was agreed that other systems should be evaluated as it relates to the associated costs. It was noted by board members that Blue pay works well.
➢ Tom Brix will be doing PO deposit and will report to board during Roger’s absence.
➢ Roger will be available by e-mail on a periodic basis.

Technology Updates

➢ Michelle provided a summary of current issues and a recap of impending changes
• Host Gator is full of spammers.
• There is a large list ISPs blacklisting host Gator.
• TCBC members using yahoo not getting our e-mails.
• The TCBC mail accounts are receiving lots of spam.
• We are abandoning host Gator and therefore have to move web site, calendar, mail services. We reviewed 3 different options. We selected IP House. They are located in Minneapolis, which in itself provides some benefits. They are also giving us a discount.
• The new system for forums is being written into web site. This will reduce future handling required by Jim.
• There are 3 buckets, each with different scheduled dates to move. A is to move on Feb 15 th and 16th, B to move before ride forum. C bucket (e.g. how to put your helmet on) to move maybe on a yet to be determined date in the future.
• The new site was briefly demoed by Michelle.
• While in transition the existing web site will be down Feb 15th and 16th
• A moratorium on any changes between now and Feb 15th was proposed by Michelle.
• Some testing has already occurred on the new web site but some testing will need to happen on the 15th.
• The link remains the same. Links to within the web site will no longer work.
• We will need new procedures for e-mail. We are trying to keep user names and passwords the same.
• Everyone will need to sign up for forums again.
• There will one password for Neon and one for the forums


Pete made a motion and Gina seconded it to approve: 1) The Feb. 15th old web site shutdown date 2) A moratorium on changes to the old web site 3) $ 45 for a survey module


TCBC 2013 Tax Filing

There was not any discussion related to this agenda item.


Non-Member Ride Fees Policy

• Riders must be a member to ride, or they shall purchase ride coupons to ride.
• Ride coupons will be available via an on-line purchase mechanism or may be purchased at the ride start from the leader.
• The fee for coupons will be $3.00. The fee should be low enough not to deter non-member participation but also not too low, such that riders do not become members.
• Coupons for non-members will be available after ride forum.
• The effective date related to requiring non-members is April 3rd, 2014
• Based on the new policy, ride briefing cards and sign in sheets will need to change. Pete H. will bring a draft to next meeting.

Paul made a motion and Michelle provided 2nd motion to accept the non-ride fee policy.

Ride Stats/Membership Data

• Diane requested ride stats be uploaded to Alfresco. (They should make available to board members.)
• A master list of what to have available as read only documents. Diane and Michelle will work to get a list of these documents.

Board Committee Assignments

• The concept of committee liaison was discussed: The board liaison will provide a direct line of communication to the board from the committee and vice versa.
• The liaison committee assignments were reviewed.


Ride Scheduling Options

• Erik Feld suggested ride scheduling option, submitted to the Board, cannot be considered at this time due to the coding of the web site and the moratorium to changes to the web site. Michelle will communicate this to Erik.


Newsletter – Doug

• There is not a January newsletter.
• There are lots of articles for next newsletter.
• Send recognition corner items to Jeff Ramberg for the next newsletter issue. Get him this information by this Thursday night.

St Paul is working on new Bike Plan. There is an open house Feb 11, 13, 18, 20 to showcase/discuss the plan.

New Legal Committee

• MAP has been replaced by a new Legal Committee consisting of TCBC members. The members are: Greg Bristram, Paul Frenz, Rebecca Lawrence, Kathleen Lepp,


Bike U Community on Wheels

• This event is scheduled for March 21nd

New Rider Leader Training

• Training is set for March 22nd. Pete H is the designated trainer.
• Information pertaining to the training has been posted on the web site.

Swap Meet

• This event is scheduled for March 29th at the Hopkins VFW

Ride Leader Forum

• This event is scheduled to occur April 2nd
• The cost associated with holding this event at the Shoreview Community Center has been confirmed to stand as originally stated.


• This event is scheduled for the last Sunday in April.
• Volunteers are needed to help on the day of the ride. Last year some volunteers did not show for their scheduled time slots. Paul Huntington and his wife Carol Belaire manned the booth/table for the entire day.
• A volunteer statement for helping with the Ironman is needed. Doug & Paul will assist


The next meeting is scheduled to occur March 4, 2014 at the Roseville Library Large Room, located on the Lower Level


• The meeting was adjourned at 2030