Tuesday, March 4, 2014 6:30 PM

Roseville Library Large Conference Room Lower Level

Updated by FR 4/2/14


Board Members Present: Diane Ziemer, Michelle Brougher, Paul Frenz, George Hagemann, Pete May, Fran Rabe, Pat Seleen

Board Members Absent:  Gina McCrone, Gary Stang

Extra Attendees:  Pete Hawkins, Scott Larson, Doug Nelson, Gina Sapia

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm.

The minutes from February Board Meeting were approved with one amendment.  Diane made a motion to accept as amended and Pete made a second motion.


  • Treasurers Report dated February 28, 2014 was summarized by Diane and reviewed by the Board.
    • With Roger’s absence bills will be sent to Tom Brix.
    • George is performing the function of signing checks.
  • Future expenses will be reduced through Leader Forum information being disseminated via e-mail and the web site (no mailing).
  • 1099 Tax Review & Approval – Summarized by Gina Sapia
    The tax return has being changed to accrual (from cash) basis to match the financial process.  Other changes are in process and will be provided to Diane for signature.  Questions should be directed to Gina.

  • Technology – Website Update & Ride Pass Application – Michele
    The Transaction Report, November 1, 2013-March 2, 2014 was reviewed in detail.
    • Detail related to technology update has been line itemized.  Continue or not?
    • Need Hostgator partial refund (should be prorated).
    • Don’t need all Neon modules.  Can we pay less?
    • If we clean up our data, we could reduce “computer storage” charge by Neon.  This could be accomplished by eliminating some older memberships.  (Has not been cleaned up since roughly 2008).  We should keep a minimum of 3 years of data in the system, assuming that gets us under the threshold associated with reducing the expense.   Older data can be archived to Alfresco.
    • Z2 payment approved by the Board ($300.00):  George moved to approve and Pat 2nded.
    • Old links were reviewed: 
      • The only links we kept are to our sponsors
      • We should have a policy as to what we have links for.
      • Photo links can be posted to the Forum
    • Tips have been removed, as they need to be updated
    • Calendar includes an upload ride or cancel ride.
    • Major thing under work is the guest ride pass.


  • Sponsorship Update – Lisa Austin
    • Committee has not changed in regard to members: Lisa Austin (Chair), Mary Derks, Kathy Horton, Kate Kovar, Alex Johnson, Gayle Fickbohm, Ginny Holloran.
    • In 2008 we paid someone to secure sponsors.  We no longer have a paid position, rather the committee members serve this role.
    • TCBC banner should go to all significant events. We indicate to our sponsors that this occurs.
    • Sponsors are listed as levels based on the financial contract
    • Freewheel dropped off as a sponsor
    • New sponsor is Ameriprise - Chris Bentley
    • Can now pay with a credit card
    • Changes to the web site – need to know by August to meet contractual agreements.  Be sure to not make changes without working with the Sponsorship Committee
    • Sponsors would prefer adds on the web versus in printed copy
    • Reviewed Board of Directors Responsibilities

Regular Business

  • Pete H. is considering a different model for training of ride leaders next year.  One of those considerations is training trainers.  Communication to leaders is still via Yahoo.
  • Need a management system for ride leaders through Joomla.  This is a major project for next winter.
  • Major thing under work is the guest ride pass
    • We can track the passes
    • We need to decide what should be included on the pass.  TCBC logo, their name, date purchased, ride pass #, acknowledgement of reading the waiver. Send final version to Board for approval.
    • PayPal account is set up
    • Require a hard copy of the pass to be presented to the ride leader.  The ride leader checks off the ride.
    • Roll-out at Ride Leader Forum
    • Should cover in next e-news as a mechanism of communication to members


  • Membership – Scott Larson
    • Decreasing numbers, especially Additional Household Members
    • Does it impact sponsors?
    • A combination of ride stats and Neon could provide some information related to membership and the decline of membership
    • There is currently very little if anything on the ride calendar due to a number of factors, but primarily weather. This may impact new membership
  • Volunteer Update
    • Diane is going to meet with a 2 potential volunteers.  One is related to coordination of volunteers


  • Doug – Newsletter
    • Need stuff by this Thursday
    • Recognition corner, need material

Upcoming Events

  • Bike U Community on Wheels-Jim Klobuchar – March 21
  • New Ride Leader Training  - March 22
  • Ironman – April 27



Next Meeting

6:30 April 1 2014 - Roseville Library Large Board Room

The Meeting was adjourned at 8:50 pm.