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'10 Popular Cycling Groups for When You’re Tired of Riding Solo'

Thanks Bob Fix!

BalloonSmallNew Ride Leaders

Congratulations to our new ride leaders! Two ride leader sessions were held on January 27th and March 23rd and new the ride leaders are already submitting rides. Thanks to Pete Hawkins, Patt Seleen and Jeff Johnson for teaching the classes. Look for rides lead by our newest ride leaders, Susie Anderson, Don Checots, Joy Cox, John Deininger, Stacy Drude, Dennis Evans, Chuck Faison, Bart Gottschalk, Daniel Halbert, Aaron Halfaker, Tom Hewes, Eugene Hollingsworth, Steph Johnson, Andrei Lebedev, David Nagel, Erik Neu, Kevin Nevin, Joseph Olson, Tom Pomeroy, John Rudberg, Zee Syedain, Michelle Westberg, Jay Van Kirk and Lloyd Vasilakes. Join one of their rides and let them know how much we appreciate their volunteer efforts for TCBC. We're all thrilled that spring is in the air and we can get back on our bikes after a challenging winter in Minnesota.


statsNew Ridestats Links

The web address for the Ridestats system has changed. To access Ridestats from the TCBC website, use the menu bar. Click on 'Members', then click on 'Member Mileage Statistics'. From there Ride Leaders can find the login page from the lower icon on the left showing 'Ride and Calendar Administration'. If you are using a bookmark to access the Ridestats site you will need to update the link.

2019 TCBC Board of Directors Candidates

Biographies of the 2019 Twin Cities Bicycling Club Board of Directors candidates: