TCBC Ride Schedule will be in print no longer! 

by Kate Kovar and Doug Nelson 


ONCE UPON A TIME, the only TCBC ride schedule existed in printed format in a monthly or bimonthly newsletter. Since then the schedule has evolved as the club entered the electronic age and grew to over 2,000 scheduled rides per year. Since the introduction of an online calendar, we have gradually migrated to more and more of our rides listed only on our website. 

kh2A Queen for the day and forever

In August 2012, the multi-day Bicycle Around Minnesota (BAM) ride was to begin in Park Rapids.  Friends were making travel plans for this long journey when one of them suggested that we ride together.  This was too good to be true because car-pooling was something I greatly preferred to a lengthy and lonely ride from Minneapolis.   To my delight, my friend suggested using her vehicle, a SAAB 9-3 station wagon.  Now this was a car that I coveted with a capital “C”, especially since I had no new sob stories having lost my beloved 9000 CSE to a blown head gasket four years before.  SAAB owners are a bit quirky.  They do take to heart the old SAAB advertisement to “Find Your Own Road.”  Maybe a bit unrealistic about matching their aspirations to their experiences, but being a bit Don Quixotic never seems to trouble them.  In fact it does the opposite - it inspires them.  So taking a road trip with a fellow SAAB enthusiast had unknown possibilities.

Danger: Railroad Crossing!

by Pete Hawkins

One of the more serious road hazards we bicyclists face is when crossing railroad tracks. This danger has been recently confirmed by two experienced TCBC riders who sustained serious injuries when negotiating wet railroad tracks.

Ride ALL Night Long, ALL Day Long

- A recap of Dark2Dawn4 and Open Streets Franklin Avenue-


By Dan Miller
Photos by Walter Griffin

The weather predictions for Saturday evening, August 20 weren’t promising with possible rain and temperatures dipping into the low 50’s.  I used my knowledge of riding Dark2Dawn last year to catch a daytime nap and “layer up” to be as prepared as possible.  Jumped on the bike and rode to the ride start hoping the wet streets would dry off and remain that way.

Trying out a Shorter Posting Window!

by Kate Kovar

TCBC currently requires ride leaders to submit a ride 84 hours in advance of the ride start time in order to be an official TCBC ride and appear on the ride schedule. This allows the ride to be reviewed and posted on our schedule so our members know in advance what rides are coming up. In recent years we have had over 2,000 rides posted in a calendar year!