Ride ALL Night Long, ALL Day Long

- A recap of Dark2Dawn4 and Open Streets Franklin Avenue-


By Dan Miller
Photos by Walter Griffin

The weather predictions for Saturday evening, August 20 weren’t promising with possible rain and temperatures dipping into the low 50’s.  I used my knowledge of riding Dark2Dawn last year to catch a daytime nap and “layer up” to be as prepared as possible.  Jumped on the bike and rode to the ride start hoping the wet streets would dry off and remain that way.

Trying out a Shorter Posting Window!

by Kate Kovar

TCBC currently requires ride leaders to submit a ride 84 hours in advance of the ride start time in order to be an official TCBC ride and appear on the ride schedule. This allows the ride to be reviewed and posted on our schedule so our members know in advance what rides are coming up. In recent years we have had over 2,000 rides posted in a calendar year!

The Range Riders: Three Days Bicycling Grand Rapids, Eveleth and Deer River

By Dan Miller
Photos by Steve Block

gr5Over the past several years, Diane Ziemer has offered a three-day riding weekend around the Iron Range that has included riding the Mesabi Trail, Scenic Highway 38, around Pokegama Lake, Deer River and other places. She has graciously offered use of a family cabin as an operations base for potlucks, bonfires, camping and good times. Diane has also taken the better part of the week before the ride to scout out and fine-tune her routes. I have had the privilege of attending many of these annual weekends and wanted to extend my appreciation by writing about this year’s event.

2016 Superior Vista after-glow


By Dan Miller
Photos by Steve Block

As the Superior Vista weekend approached, I had visions that I may be doing it alone. Some of my biker friends had other plans or decided not to attend after being rained out on previous years. And this year’s weather forecast was not wonderful either. For me, it was the first Vista Tour in several years and I had to push doubts about weather and who would be attending aside.

Thoughts about Night Riding

by Dan Miller

TCBC offers two categories of night rides, N/B and N/C, in which members can participate. Their differentiation is a faster and slower average riding speed. Both require a front and back leader and the intent is to ride as a group. Ride length is limited to 25 miles or less. In addition to a helmet, bicycles need to be equipped with a front and rear light. As a member and ride leader who enjoys night riding, I thought it may be worth sharing a few observations learned over the years and encourage you to participate in what is becoming a more popular ride category.