TCBC Ride Schedule will be in print no longer! 

by Kate Kovar and Doug Nelson 


ONCE UPON A TIME, the only TCBC ride schedule existed in printed format in a monthly or bimonthly newsletter. Since then the schedule has evolved as the club entered the electronic age and grew to over 2,000 scheduled rides per year. Since the introduction of an online calendar, we have gradually migrated to more and more of our rides listed only on our website. 

THE TCBC BOARD has decided to eliminate the ride schedule completely from the printed newsletter starting in the Jan/Feb issue of 2017. The ride schedule is so out of date that by the time the printed newsletter reaches your home or is posted on the website, it is of little value in choosing a ride. In our increasingly fast-paced world, we see over 60% of our rides only appearing on the website and many of them are posted close to the posting deadline. We don’t want members to miss out on many of our great rides because they are only referencing the printed schedule. Eliminating the sampling of rides on the schedule when the newsletter goes to print will allow us to highlight more events and bring you more news! Information on Overnight Trips and Outreach rides will still appear in the newsletter.

EVOLUTIONS OF THE TCBC RIDE SCHEDULE Our club originated in the Minnesota Council of American Youth Hostels, a group which became more active in the 1960’s. Activities offered were mainly bike trips. By the 1970’s the Minnesota “Hosteler” newsletter was bimonthly. For example, the May/ June 1975 issue of 16 pages had a one-page listing of rides -- 11 metro area rides in that May, including rides ranging from A to C categories and starting in places such as Southdale Water Tower, Lake Calhoun, Harriet Island, and Highland Park. 

BY 1981, the schedule had increased, with rides led by such characters as Doug Nelson and Pete and Kathy Hawkins. And it just kept getting bigger as the years went by and the leaders multiplied. TCBC spun off from AYH and became our own club in 1993, and the newsletter continued as the ACTIVITY NEWS. 

The schedule became huge some issues, sometimes taking up more than half of the content of an issue. Eventually we only printed the next 6 upcoming weeks, then we cut it to the next 30 days. 

PRIOR TO JUNE 2004, the only ride calendar was what was in the printed newsletter, and rides needed to be submitted 3 weeks prior to the publication date, which meant 7 weeks prior to the rides at the end of the month. For the bimonthly newsletters, rides in the last week were submitted 11 weeks ahead. 

AFTER JUNE 2004 we had the option of submitting web rides 10 days in advance of the ride. Starting in April 2008 we went to an automated calendar and went with a 96 hour submission rule. 

IN JANUARY 2013 the ride submission was changed to 84 hours. And in April 2013 we converted to Helios (our current calendar) and programmed 84 hours into ride submission. 

No schedule in the newsletter will take some getting used to. We’ll see how it goes. As always, thanks for your interest and support.