Trying out a Shorter Posting Window!

by Kate Kovar

TCBC currently requires ride leaders to submit a ride 84 hours in advance of the ride start time in order to be an official TCBC ride and appear on the ride schedule. This allows the ride to be reviewed and posted on our schedule so our members know in advance what rides are coming up. In recent years we have had over 2,000 rides posted in a calendar year!

Our ride listings do start to drop off as our days shorten and weather become less biker friendly. In order to encourage more rides during the off season (October through March) the TCBC Board has decided to try out shortening the ride posting window to 48 hours during the off season. It is hoped that this will allow ride leaders to take advantage of those nice riding days that present themselves and reduce the number of rides canceled due to inclement weather.

What does this means for you? If you are used to checking the upcoming ride schedule 4 to 5 days out, you should check again 2 days prior to a day you want to ride. Some ride leaders will continue to post rides more than 48 hour in advance but if the schedule looks light and the forecast is good, check back for additions to the ride schedule.

At the conclusion of the off-season, the Board will evaluate the 48-hour ride submission trial to determine if the goals of more rides and fewer cancellations was met. There are no plans to change the 84-hour rule during our prime riding season. Get out and enjoy those year round TCBC rides!