New Relationship For TCBC And Minnesota Randonneurs Offers More Opportunities To Ride

TCBC and Minnesota Randonneurs have worked together very closely over the past eight years to provide the opportunity for TCBC members to ride randonneur events at no cost and to help randonneuring (long distance riding) grow in Minnesota. A key part of this relationship was Minnesota Randonneurs being able to be included in the TCBC insurance program at no extra cost to either TCBC or Minnesota Randonneurs. This has been a very positive relationship for both groups, giving Minnesota Randonneurs the opportunity to grow into one of the larger randonneur groups in the US and offering TCBC members more riding possibilities, with 30 events annually from 100k up to 600k (375 miles).

Early in 2016 Randonneurs USA (RUSA), the national randonneuring organization, announced their own insurance program that provides a very similar insurance program to what TCBC has. Current RUSA members are now covered for any randonneur event anywhere in the US starting this year.

One aspect of this new insurance program is the decision by RUSA to allow anyone to participate in any event of less than 200k (125 miles) without having to be a member or pay an insurance fee.

If you are a TCBC member, Minnesota Randonneur events up to 200k are listed as Outreach Rides on the TCBC Ride Calendar so you can get TCBC mileage credit for doing them.

It turns out that there are several of these events coming up in April and May!

So, we would like cordially invite anyone to come and enjoy a fun randonneur event on some great routes on the following rides:

(these are on the TCBC Ride Calendar, with further information at:

  • Saturday, April 9th 9:00a Trails to Trails 100k – Lake Calhoun
  • Saturday, April 16th 9:00a Escape to Wisconsin 120k - Stillwater
  • Saturday, April 30th 9:00a Gravel Grinder 100k – Rosemount (class B gravel - easy)

Non-RUSA members can also ride longer events (200k and longer), with a $5 charge to cover the insurance. We have some of these events coming up too:

  • Saturday, April 23rd 8:00a Rochester-Wykof 200k – Rochester
  • Saturday, May 7th 8:00a City Slickers 200k – Minneapolis

A very special randonneur team event, called a Fleche ride, is planned for the weekend of May 20-22. Teams of 3-5 riders (tandems count as one rider) create a route of 360k (225 miles) that they then ride over the course of 24 hours. Other fleche teams (currently 6-7) ride their own routes with everyone finishing at the same location (Country Inn and Suites in Woodbury) for a welcome reception on Saturday afternoon-evening, a good night’s sleep and a breakfast buffet on Sunday morning with team stories and awards.

If you are interested in participating in this fun team event, there are a few teams that are looking for 1-2 riders to fill out their rosters. You could also put together your own team of friends and have a great 24 hours together. Teams need a minimum of 3 riders, maximum of 5.

For more information on Fleche rides go to our home page at To sign up to be put on a team or to inquire about submitting your own team, email or call the address/phone number listed below.


Rob Welsh