2019 TCBC New Ride Leader Training

Although it takes many dedicated volunteers to operate the internal structure of TCBC, it is truly our ride leaders who make TCBC successful. They are its public face and the ones who determine to a great extent what kind of bike club it is. By becoming a TCBC ride leader you can, within the moderate constraints of our rules and guidelines, lead the kind of rides that you want, to locations you prefer and at times you would like to have them. As a TCBC ride leader, you will have an important role in shaping the character and success of TCBC.

For 2019, we are presently offering one more new ride leader training class on Saturday March 23rd, from 10:30 to 3:00 PM at the Wentworth Library in West St Paul.  New ride leaders will also be required to either attend the TCBC Ride Leader Forum that will be scheduled for an evening in mid-April or view the video of it.

To qualify, we ask that you be a current TCBC member who has been active with the club for at least one summer biking season and that you agree to follow the rules and guidelines of TCBC. Also, that you have a true desire to help make TCBC a welcoming organization that’s focused on sharing the joys of bicycling with others and promoting safe and responsible riding. Lastly, you need to be fully accessible through email and telephone.

Please note that our ride leader training is specifically designed for TCBC and is not in any way a general leadership course. Participants will learn about the structure of TCBC, its communication systems, its rules and guidelines, and how to schedule and lead fun and safe TCBC rides.

I think that most of our present and past ride leaders would agree that assuming the role of TCBC ride leader has been a rewarding experience for them. It’s a role that offers opportunity for growth in many ways. I hope you will give your thoughtful consideration to becoming one of our valued ride leaders this year.

If you qualify and would like to become a TCBC ride leader, please register below. There is no cost to participate, but you are expected to lead several TCBC rides in 2019. There is a limit of ten participants.  Please do not wait to the last minute to sign up; if there are not enough sign-ups for this class, it will be cancelled. Information about any schedule changes will be posted on our website.

Pete Hawkins, TCBC Ride Leader Trainer

 To sign up, you must be a member of the TCBC website/forum (this is different from your TCBC membership). 

Log in or register here, or you can register during sign-up.

Contact webmaster@biketcbc.org for registration problems

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