Calling All Volunteers!

Wanted:  TCBC Swap Meet Coordinator

We Want You!


  • The Swap Meet along with all of the other TCBC member events and outreach cannot be accomplished without the dedicated efforts of our volunteers.
  • Currently there is NO SWAP MEET scheduled for early 2020. 
  • As was mentioned in prior communications, after many years of successfully running the TCBC Swap Meet, Valerie Olson has retired from leading the efforts on this event.

The Fine Print:

  • Due to time running short in being able to potentially have a Swap Meet in 2020, we would like to fill this position as soon as possible.
  • If this position cannot be filled by around the Christmas holiday, TCBC will need to postpone the Swap Meet to most likely the following year.

Where You Come In-

Given the past success and popularity of the Swap Meet - we would really like to hold the event in 2020 if we can find someone to lead the charge!  The primary duties of the swap meet organizer are:

  • Selecting the date (historicaly has been March) and procuring the site of the event.
  • Work with Mike Kubes (volunteer coordinator) to fill needed additional volunteer positions to successfully run the event.
  • Be the point person / person in charge the day of the event.

That is perhaps a bit of an oversimplification - but the point is - if you have enjoyed the TCBC Swap Meet in the past - this is an excellent opportunity to take the lead in ensuring the future success of the event! 


  • For further information or to volunteer for this opportunity, please contact Mike Kubes at volunteer@biketcbc.org.