Ideas for Increasing Club Membership

Hello Ride Leaders!  Thanks again for leading rides for the club.  This email is to expand on what was discussed at the Ride Leader Picnic regarding what we can do as ride leaders to attract new members and retain current ones.  The TCBC Board fully supports these efforts.  We encourage you to take the steps outlined below.

  • Lead more evening and weekend rides.  Particularly in the B, B/C, and C categories.  These will appeal to younger, working members or potential members.
  • Lead more weekly series rides with multiple leaders on evenings and weekends.  Series rides that happen reliably every week is a great way to let members know that there is a ride they can always depend on.  Series rides can have multiple ride leaders so that leaders can have flexible schedules.  Consider reviving past series rides such as TGIF, Done by One, Sonny’s, or Thursday Therapy.
  • Schedule A Rides.  Many A/B rides are actually A rides and should be put on the schedule that way.  Many younger potential new members may be looking for fast rides.  Consider having a co-leader to lead an A/B group as well.
  • New ride leaders should reach out to more experienced ride leaders to co-lead and be mentored on designing ride routes and use of Ride with GPS.
  • Co-post rides on Meetup.  The TCBC Meetup site provides great exposure to potential new members and the more rides we have on the Meetup calendar, the more attractive our club appears.  Co-posting involves mostly a simple cut and paste process.  Contact Chuck Faison at and he can get you all set up.
  • Schedule more rides in advance on the calendar.  Although we have a 24 hour deadline to schedule rides, it would be more attractive to new members if they saw rides posted on the calendar several days in advance.  If you are leading series rides, schedule them out through the season so members or prospective members know they will happen regularly.