Green Miles 2023

The Twin Cities Bicycle Club Green Miles Program was a new addition to our club in 2022, so together we can help reduce greenhouse gases. This is a voluntary opt-in program that records the mileage of those participating TCBC Member riders that ride to and from TCBC Club Rides rather than driving.

1. To sign up for the program, send an e-mail to the Green Miles Coordinator, Edward Eroe, at Make sure you include your club member number.

2. Submit your Green Miles on the Green Miles Entry Form at the link below. All the information will need to be filled out each time and is required so that it will be easy to create reports. Please refresh your browser once you have submitted your entry. There is not a link to the Ride Stats program at this time.

3. Submit only the miles to and from an official TCBC Ride that you have officially registered for and were at the ride start for the ride briefing. If you cut off early from the TCBC Ride, or do not go back to the ride start area, then deduct those miles from the Green Miles you are submitting. Additionally, if you are riding several extra miles to get to and from the ride, please deduct those. Only the most reasonable shortest safest routes are to be used for calculating the Green Miles.

4. This program is on your honor, and the main purpose is to see how much fuel and greenhouse gases we together reduce as a club by members riding their bikes to and from official club rides rather than driving. The top three Green Mile Male and Female riders will be recognized at the end of each TCBC ride year.

5. Make sure you follow excellent safety practices as you would on a regular TCBC Club Ride and that you choose the safest routes. TCBC Insurance is not provided for Green Miles.

6. There is an Optional Strava TCBC Green Miles Group. If you are on Strava please join this group. It is members only, so you can request membership and approval will be given. A great way to see how your fellow Green Milers are doing. The TCBC Green Miles Strava Group is at this link:

7. To view the Green Miles for 2022 go to this link:

8. Thank you for participating. If you have any further questions, please e-mail Edward Eroe at

* Please note, I enter my Green Miles, but am not eligible for recognition as one of the top riders.

Member Number
Ride Miles
Green Miles ⬇︎
Total Miles
Johnny Pugh10752648.71483.24131.9
Linda Johnson39152923.61035.93959.5
Edward Eroe *5767148410062490
Judy Emerson12314183421760
Sam Carroll2578256271527
Scott Lindberg14104657253.6910.6
John Benda1060512220732
Mark Sekelsky13724542214756
Jackie Battis7405388130.5518.5
Mike Shovein8267301130431
Tim Rand3898236120356
Joseph Fahey615086116202
Craig Larson1514338115453
Andrew Petersen14058479103.8582.8
Susan Vadnais240397102499
Jean Bentley66924998347
Loren Stark401125.596221.5
Bob Mackie23823391324
Peggy Shepard85437075145
David Weiser96122865293
Liesa Miller25514263205
Mike Beadles24365.4258.58424
Red Rider107621648.75264.75
Bob Gambrel1397210045145
Andy Emerson12219344237
Judy Sondag9984158.343.8202.1
Bob Alwin1330013539174
Greg Swanson132368228110
Tom Melcher16212523148
Keith Klein502502171
Jim Angle31671986
Kathryn Moe879635918377
George Skinner1445512717144
Gordon Fink71015413.1167.1
Mike Kubes1232231235
Jessica Hagg7277439.452.4
Anne Hanley1445629938
Doug Nelson27152860
Pam Johnson11071226.7528.75
Joseph Machlitt1093650555
Karen May24524226
Sophia Beal119051041105
Adam Whisner14119000
Glen Olson665000
Bob Fix4489000
Kathy Mulier242000
Ann Harris175000
Joy Cox13212000
Tom Sullivan12966000
Scott Larson643000
Pat Diedrich13161000
Tim Barette1964000
John Lin10134000
Doug Bickel8202000
Laurie Holm1233000
Doug Forster13659000
George Bentley670000
Alice Ressler12015000
Tony Klodd14605000
Art Christofferson13940000
Goran Latisko13297000
Bruce Berry1173000
Faith Johnson629000
Andrew Yang14745000


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