Dalbo Dash Rides – June 11-12, 2024 – ** Limited **

UPDATE!  5/13/2024 –

We previewed the Dalbo Bunkhouse yesterday, here’s some Pics that we took, looks like it has almost everything!  


It appears that it will accommodate our limited group of 12 total riders nicely! 


We are limiting the total number of registered riders to twelve (12) since this is our first attempt at organizing and coordinating this, and the support vehicle bags capacity.

We are leading an overnight ride to Dalbo’s Adventure Cyclist Bunkhouse.

First Day will be on Tuesday June 11, from Monticello MN to Dalbo MN (via St Cloud), a riding distance of about 80 miles, planning to stop overnight in Dalbo MN at the Adventure Cyclists Bunkhouse. The starting location is in Monticello, and will be shared with participants separately before the actual ride.

Second Day will be on Wednesday June 12, from Dalbo MN back to Monticello, a riding distance of about 45 miles, and will be a more direct route back.

The ride listing rating will be AB, not because of the pace, as your leader will likely be riding more of a 14-16 MPH average (not max!) speed pace. As always, all ride speed ratings (faster and slower) are welcome, as long as you are self-sufficient (able to read a map/cue sheet, and/or use a GPS device like a Garmin or Wahoo, and able to fix a flat).

There may be long stretches without a town or gas station, but the support vehicle will have water to fill bottles (but not snacks), a floor pump, a small first aid kit, at specific locations detailed on the maps along the route.

If predicted weather (i.e. thunderstorms, persistent rain, etc) appears to be a factor, the ride leaders may decide to delay the ride start by a day or two, or even a week, depending on predictions, and will be communicated.

Please complete an Emergency Contact form (and seal in an envelope with your name on it) to be carried by the support vehicle driver, that will only be opened in case of an emergency, and will be returned to each rider at the end of the ride back in Monticello after the second day of riding.
Here is the link for the Emergency Contact form: https://biketcbc.org/wp-content/uploads/EmergencyContact.doc

Here’s more about the Bunkhouse:
Donn and Sherry, who are retired military, own a farm near Dalbo. Once upon a time, in 2005, a couple of bicyclists on a ride across the USA stopped by to ask if they could set up their tents in their yard for an overnight. Fascinated to hear their stories, they said yes! Over the years, they’ve made small improvements. The bunkhouse is currently three separate smaller rooms with two cots in each room, an upstairs loft with many cots, a big main room, and a kitchen with two refrigerators, a hot plate, and dishes and utensils, a freezer stock full of food, with budget pricing for each item, such as a frozen dinner, can of soup, or even Gatorade. Add to that a TV, AC, and the old barn with thick walls that absorb noise, and a hot shower and flushing toilet.

One of the ride’s organizers has actually stayed there before during a previous cross-USA bike ride. He has already been in contact with the owners to let them know that TCBC will be coming on these dates. However, they do not officially take reservations, the cots and rooms are on a first-come first-saved basis.
Here is a video to see more info, it’s amazing! https://youtu.be/s-qsGJV5lLc?si=n3-BulJ3MqKJXUC_

What we will provide –
– Parking (overnight) for a vehicle in Monticello (actual location will only be sent to those officially registered)
– A support van (with driver) with bike pump, water, and to carry everyone’s overnight bags (limit 2, see below)
– Water for filling bottles at rest stops along the way
– Route (Map/Cue Sheet/GPS route) for each day
– Overnight Bunkhouse location
– Shuttle to/from Dalbo’s Dusty Eagle Grill & Bar – for Tuesday evening optional group dinner & refreshments at your own cost
– Wednesday morning – Pancakes, syrup, eggs, milk, OJ and fruit

What we are asking from each participant –
– $20 each to cover expenses – support vehicle costs, breakfast groceries, etc
– a spare tube to fit your specific bike tires, bike lever tools, and bike frame pump, to repair potential flat tires while on the road
– strongly suggesting – rearview mirror, headlight, taillight, and bright bike clothing – THINK SAFETY – See and Be Seen!
– snacks for your own use while riding (support vehicle will not have snacks)
– an overnight bag (change of clothes, towel, toiletries, second day’s riding clothes, etc) to be carried in support vehicle onto the Dalbo Bunkhouse destination
– a second overnight bag with items to sleep comfortably in a group setting (sleeping bag, pillow, air mattress, eye shades, ear plugs, etc)
– a completed Emergency Contact form (as detailed above)
– an adventurous and fun spirit

Any questions, comments, or concerns, please do call or text Mike Beadles at 612-839-5406