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Sponsorship Committee Volunteers Needed

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Volunteers needed for the TCBC Sponsorship Committee.  Here is a great way to contribute to the club!  This is a very important committee that works with our sponsors to keep them renewing and providing advertising revenue to offset the cost of newsletter publication and website costs where ads appear.  We are seeking a new Chair for this committee to replace Kate Kovar, who will be stepping down and has done a great job for the club in this role for many years.  Kate has also generously agreed to stay on for 1 year to work with and train in the new Chair. If you are interested in volunteering but not sure about chairing the committee, please let us know as there could be other opportunities to volunteer on the Sponsorship Committee.

The Chair’s responsibilities currently include updating the sponsor spreadsheet and media kit document, initiating ads due reminder, working with the webmaster on web based updates, and helping cover any team member as needed.  The responsibilities of the chair can be reassigned to other team members based on the skills and interest of the person assuming the role. 

There are 5 other seasoned team members who have specific functions that they cover, so the work of this committee is shared between the team members.  The team works cooperatively to cover the various tasks and provide back up for each other.  

If you have any interest in contributing to the club by stepping into this very important role or another role on the Sponsorship Committee please contact Dick Stardig at dick_stardig@hotmail.com.

If you are interested in any type of volunteer opportunity with the club, please contact Dick Stardig at dick_stardig@hotmail.com or Shelby Miller at volunteer@biketcbc.org.  We appreciate our volunteers!

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Posted : December 12, 2023 2:02 pm