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Tour of Lakes rides and lodging  

Mary Derks
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A couple notes about this year's Tour of Lakes rides in the Brainerd Lakes area June 5-7 (Fri-Sun):

1) Ride levels: There will be rides ranging from B/C to A 

2) Lodging:  for those interested in staying with the group at Good Ol' Days Resort in Nisswa, please make your reservations soon as the resort will be releasing the room block on Feb 29.  As of this writing, there are four lodge (motel style) rooms and two cabins available.  If you are interested in sharing a cabin and are looking for others to share with, feel free to let me know and I can try and assist, or post a message on the forums.  There is currently a cabin with an available bedroom with 2 single beds in it.  Inquire if interested.  

Here is a link for more information:


Mary Derks


Posted : February 16, 2020 12:29 pm
Paul Loughman
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Mary -

I have my room reserved (main lodge) and am also looking to share that room. I'm still planning on attending unless COVID-19 issues cause the event to be cxld. My post here is at:

Posted : March 26, 2020 5:48 pm
Paul Loughman
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A heads up. I received a refund for the Tour of Lakes event this morning. Email with Jeff Holmberg this morning:

Hi Jeff,

I just received this email (below) this morning. Is this a refund for the event? It looks like it, but it doesn’t specifically say it is. Is the Tour being cancelled after all? There isn’t a notice saying that on  as of this morning.
If this is a refund, then I’m confused, as on the Tour of Lakes web page it states:
Please note that if you register for the 2020 Tour and the event is canceled, you will be automatically registered for the 2021 Tour of Lakes.

Just trying to understand. Thank you.


Indeed, PBC decided yesterday to officially cancel TOL 2020.
We are sending a note shortly to registrants announcing the cancellation. The website will be updated shortly also.
You are correct on the current website note, however it was decided that it was better for all that a refund be issued now and hope that you will choose to join us once again in 2021!!
Best wishes, stay safe and stay well!
Jeff Holmberg 
Posted : April 29, 2020 10:15 am