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Looking for something new and different? Friday will be Grape Stomp Ride Revisited.

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Looking for a reason to take a day off work, and/or looking for a new and different route that hasn't been ridden hundreds of times before? 

Friday will be Grape Stomp Revisited TCBC ride,  departing from Silver Lake, about an hour's drive west from the freeway loop.

This is the first time we will be running the ride in reverse.   With over 10 lakes to ride by, this will be a beautiful ride.   

This is a Revival of the Historic Grape Stomp Ride Route, however, there will be no Grape Stomping Today.

This ride will be held about an hour west of I-494 on Highway 7, in Silver Lake MN, 
(please find our dark red van parked near Molly's restaurant in Silver Lake near the side and back, for the least impact to other customer parking near the front doors).

Low-traffic county roads abound as we ride past glimpses of lakes Swan, Shakopee, Maple and Collinwood.

Our first rest stop is at about mile 18 in Dassel at the Casey's Gas Station, with Water, Snacks and Rest Rooms available. 

Then we ride past more lakes - Washington, Stella, Manuella, Cedar and Belle.

Second rest stop is at Oddfellows Park at mile 41, on the west side of Hutch.

Then the finish of the route rides along the paved Luce Line trail right next to the beautiful Crow River in Hutchinson, then all the way back to Silver Lake.

Lunch option at Molly's restaurant after the ride for those interested.

Please register if joining the ride, so I know who to expect.

Posted : May 3, 2022 10:41 pm