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Iron Range Bicycling Weekend July 12-14 Update

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Diane Ziemer
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For those of you that are planning to ride the Iron Range biking weekend in July, I ask that you all register by June 30th.  The rides for all 3 days are also posted on the calendar now, so please be sure to register for all 3 days if you plan to ride. 

Note:  The Mesabi Trail area by Giant's Ride was significantly impacted by flooding.  We will not be riding that segment of trail this year.  The trail segment we plan to ride on Saturday from Tower to Ely was not impacted and conditions are good per Mesabi updates.

I will be contacting the Whistling Bird for Friday night dinner reservations and will be asking for an RSVP on that soon utilizing the ride registration tool for you to RSVP for the dinner. 

Jean Hurlburt will be leading a "B/C" group as well.  This may mean if you've already registered and would like to ride in Jean's group you will need to cancel registration from the "A/B" group and register for the "B/C" level ride.  Those are all on the calendar now.

I will be working on the routes over the next few weeks and will also have some shorter route options for the "B/C" rides on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  

More details at the link below or under the "News Tab" on the TCBC Website.

Posted : June 21, 2024 2:32 pm