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Foxtrot Through Como Park and Reservoir Woods  

Johnny Pugh
Estimable Member Ride Leaders

I added a new ride to the TCBC schedule for Sunday, February 16 at 11:30 AM. Here are the details:

This will be a tour through Como Park and Reservoir Woods. It is a hybrid ride, meaning we will be riding on both paved and unpaved singletrack trails with just enough road riding to get us from one trail system to the next. The paved trails will be mostly dry but might be covered with snow/ice in a few spots. The unpaved trails are singletrack and will be covered with hard packed snow. The roads should be dry.

Bike choice is up to you, but it should have at least 2-inch-wide tires. I always recommend studded tires this time of year, but non studded tires should be ok as long as you are cautious around icy spots. I will be riding my Fat Bike with 4.8-inch studded tires with about 5 PSI tire pressure.

I am classifying this as a TCBC MBB ride because of the singletrack trail sections. The singletrack trails are intermediate level trails with no rocks or roots, but they are a little narrower than most groomed trails. All riders need to be current TCBC members and must sign a waiver according to TCBC rules. This will be a mapless-stay together ride. I will stop and regroup whenever necessary. Here is a link to the RWGPS ride plan if you would like to preview the ride route.

The signup sheet and rider briefing will be held inside the Foxtrot Burger Spot. The restroom and water will be available to us. The Foxtrot doesn’t have a parking lot, so use on street parking.

Please join me after the ride for food and drink at the Foxtrot Burger Spot. They have really good burgers and sandwiches and very good craft beer on tap!

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Posted : February 13, 2020 6:00 pm