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Detour for the "SOLO Ride - The Urban Growler Loop"  

Johnny Pugh
Estimable Member Ride Leaders

I am rerouting the beginning of the "SOLO Ride - The Urban Growler Loop" because of an event at the State Fairgrounds starting July 31st. I already corrected the RWGPS map and queue sheet. If you previously downloaded the route and printed the Map/queue sheet, you will need to do it again.

Here are the details for the event at the State Fairgrounds.

Dinosaurs invade the State Fairgrounds beginning today, Friday July 31. It's the Dinosaur Adventure Drive-Thru, which features life-size replicas of 80 dinosaur species spread around the Grandstand infield. As the name implies, you drive through the exhibit, getting as close as your windshield allows to creatures as tall as a four-story building. A downloadable soundtrack helps you understand what you're seeing.
Tickets are $40 for a carload of up to seven (with higher-price options for larger vehicles). The exhibit runs every day 9 a.m.-8 p.m. through Sunday Aug. 9. As is typical these days, you've got to pick a specific day and time slot to attend; the tour takes about 45 minutes. Heads up to neighbors: Vehicles enter through the main gate at Snelling and Dan Patch.


Posted : July 31, 2020 3:12 pm