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Bloomington Bluffs 51 Mile Route Update  

Johnny Pugh
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I rode the route today and I am happy to report that the flood waters have receded and the Nine Mile Creek Trail is once again dry and open. There was some standing water on the Bredesen Park trail at mile 29.2. It was only about one inch deep and lasted for about 50 feet. I had no problem riding through it.

There is a two-block section of gravel on Overlook Drive at mile 14.2. I rode it and I didn’t have any trouble. I did check for a detour, but the road that I was going to use is going to be torn up starting tomorrow. So, the best option is to carefully ride the two blocks of gravel on Overlook Drive.

There is some road work being done on Auto Club Road at mile 18.3 that consists of work on the shoulder, sidewalk and bike trail. You will have to ride on the traffic lane for about ¼ mile. Watch for sand that might be on the road surface.

And finally, there is a 6-block detour on the Midtown Greenway at mile 38.7. The detour is on the 28th street bike lane. It is well marked and easy to follow.

This sounds like a long list of problems, but none of them are too difficult to navigate through. I’m sure you will really enjoy riding this route!

Posted : August 11, 2020 3:37 pm
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