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Dirt Church Update

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Due to the Freeze/thaw conditions, Dirt Church may have to be cancelled. I will keep in contact with the WIKI Mountain Bike Club and let them make the decision if the trails will be closed on Sunday afternoon.

This is the latest information on the WIKI Mountain Bike Club Facebook page.

Willow River State Park - OPEN (FREEZE/THAW): We have entered the freeze thaw cycle which means no riding in the afternoons or whenever it gets above freezing.
As stated in app, we have now entered the freeze/thaw cycle so please get your riding in before the temperature gets above freezing. If it does that top layer of soil will rip off. Not only does it damage our trails but nobody wants to see your bicycle and collarbone wrapped around a tree due to slippery soil conditions. Be safe! Hunting starts(and trails close) Nov 15th!
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Posted : October 31, 2023 8:08 am