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Canceling Saturday's Kinnickinnic Fat Biking Ride.

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Johnny Pugh
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I went to Kinnickinnic State Park to ride the trails today and the trail from the parking lot to the bike trails hadn’t been packed and groomed yet. Here is the latest report from the trail groomers: “Kinnickinnic State Park Trail - PARTIALLY OPEN (GROOMED, CAUTION): Trail is currently opened but rather damaged and bumpy at the moment, our groomers are doing their best. Please use proper etiquette and ride low psi. Hopefully with a bit more snow it'll get evened out better. Big drifts from the wind in the field.”

Because of the poor trail conditions, I am canceling my Kinnickinnic Fat Biking ride for Saturday. I will try to reschedule this ride again with trail conditions improve.

Posted : January 20, 2023 3:38 pm