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[Sticky] TCBC on Zwift: Information and Guidelines

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Zwift is an online, interactive cycling training platform that enables users to ride, train and compete in a virtual world. Zwift is targeted at eliminating the boredom of simply sitting on an indoor trainer and turning the cranks while staring at the wall. Zwift is one of the most widely used of the different indoor cycling apps currently available.
As you pedal on a compatible smart indoor trainer, your avatar rides around a virtual course. The harder you pedal, the faster you go. You can ride with thousands of other riders on Zwift. Zwift members can join in on group rides or races with the added benefit of gaining a draft from other riders. John Rogers has described his experience as a beginning Zwifter in the newsletter.
A monthly or annual subscription is required to utilize the Zwift app, which currently runs around $15/month.
TCBC has a vibrant presence on Zwift, but it's not easy to find. The Technology Committee would like to provide some guidelines that will help TCBC Zwifters find each other and ride together.
First, as an individual Zwifter, add "TCBC" somewhere in your Zwift name. Zwift makes it easy to search for riders by name. You don't need to do this to participate in TCBC Zwift rides, but it's good publicity for the club!
Second, the official TCBC Zwift Club is named "Twin Cities Bicycling Club TCBC" with the description "The official Zwift club for Twin Cities Bicycling Club (TCBC)" in the "About" area. Club Owners are John Rogers and Mike Beadles. We also have two Moderators. Only club Owners and Moderators can create club Events. Request to join the Club through the Zwift Companion app, then contact John and Mike if you are interested in scheduling rides as a Moderator. 
Third, if you would like to schedule your own events outside of the TCBC club, you can use the Zwift Companion app to create a Meetup. Meetup participants are limited to followers of the leader. As leader, you schedule and design the ride, and then invite participants from your followers list.  As a follower, you will see the invitation in Zwift Companion.
Zwift documents the process for creating events here.
Some tips for leaders creating an Event.  Consider putting your name in the Event title. Otherwise, the leader’s name is hard to find. Once you create an Event, you as leader need to register (just like a real TCBC ride!), and you’ll need to select another rider to Sweep.  Without a Sweep, Zwift won’t create the yellow beacon for the other riders to follow.
Fourth, to publicize your events, use any or all of the TCBC communication mediums: The Indoor Riding forum on the TCBC website, the TCBC Discussion Group on Facebook, TCBC Meetup, and even TCBC Instagram. We're not recommending any particular format, just make sure to include all the details another Zwifter would need to find and join your ride.
Some final notes.  You don't have to be a TCBC Ride Leader to become a TCBC Zwift Club moderator, and you don't need to be a TCBC member to join the club.  So far, we are not restricting the TCBC Club to TCBC members, or even to local riders. This might change if we have an avalanche of non-TCBC Zwifters but that seems unlikely.
We're also not yet setting up a Discord channel for the Club, but may do so once we have some Events and some requests for Discord service.
For the more competitive riders, TCBC also has the Ride With GPS Indoor Cycling Challenge. Save your ride from any indoor riding platform, including Zwift in GPX, TCX, FIT, or KML format, and add #indoor to the ride name.
Posted : November 29, 2023 9:39 am
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