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Update on Solo Riding  

Kate Kovar
Moderator Moderator

The Technology Committee was tasked by the TCBC Board with implementing solo rides as a step towards reopening.  We posted 7 rides last Sunday and this week’s rides ended Saturday.  Thank you to all the members who went on a solo ride - there were over 100 registrations for the different rides - and for your feedback. We have learned a lot during this first week of testing.

First and foremost, we learned that a TCBC Solo ride is very different from a TCBC group ride.  There is no ride leader to answer route questions as you start your ride, there is no one to follow and you are out there riding on your own.  That means that all Solo rides need to be on routes that have been recently ridden with an up to date and accurate RWGPS map in the public TCBC RWGPS account and a detailed and verified pdf of the map and cue sheet made available for all levels of riders.

We also found there were a number of issues as we tried to post and proceed with solo rides this week.  We still have not completed the process for the first week as solo riders have until 12AM Monday to submit their mileage before leaders can finalize their rides.  For those of you who rode a solo ride please be sure and report your mileage on Sunday so ride leaders don't have to add an additional step of tracking down your mileage.  If you ended up not riding a ride you registered for, please email the ride leader to cancel your registration.

At this time there appears to be enough interest in solo rides to continue our work for an additional week of testing.  The Technology Committee members will post additional rides starting on Sunday, June 21st which can be ridden for the week through Saturday, June 27th.  We have recruited an additional 5 ride leaders to test out our training materials and they will post additional rides on Wednesday the 24th, also open to be ridden for a week after posting.  Some of the rides will be the same, and some new ones will be added.  We encourage you to get out and try a solo ride to help us further test the process.  You do need to be a TCBC member, and register before you ride but you do not need to log in to to the website to register for a solo ride.  Go to the ride calendar and click on the ride you would like to attend and click the register button.  You will receive a confirming email that will also contain your link to report your ride after you have completed it.  For more details on how to sign up for a Solo ride click the button on the Ride Calendar page that says “More about Solo Rides”

TCBC Technology Committee

Posted : June 21, 2020 10:17 am
Paul Loughman
Estimable Member

When we register for a SOLO Ride, we receive a confirmation email with the link to use for reporting when we have completed the ride. Similarly, a confirmation email is received if we cancel a SOLO Ride we were registered for. But do we receive a confirmation email when we've reported a completed ride? It doesn't appear that we do, and it doesn't appear that the status of the registered ride on ones Rides Stats page reflects that the ride was reported complete; the status does reflect if a registered ride was cancelled.

Posted : June 27, 2020 7:14 pm
Kate Kovar
Moderator Moderator

@snowhog The solo ride is not complete until everyone has submitted their mileage and the ride leader can then finalize the ride.  Once that happens you should see your mileage in ride stats.  You should wait at least 24 hours after the completion of the ride.  We are still holding one of the rides from the first week so depending on which ride you are looking to view that might be missing.

Posted : June 27, 2020 7:51 pm