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TCBC Green Miles 2022 Ride Year Wrap-Up

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In the 2022 TCBC Ride Year, there were 42 participants who rode a total of 7,564 Green Miles, or miles to and from TCBC Club Rides. This equates to 315 Gallons of Gas Saved using 24 MPG as the Benchmark. This then equates to a Reduction of 2,800,886 Grams of CO2 Emissions using the EPA Estimate of 8,887 grams of CO2 / Gallon.

A big thanks to all those that participated! The Top Three Male Riders were Johnny Pugh with 1,877 Miles, Joseph Fahey with 606 Miles, and Mike Beadles with 384 Miles. The Top Three Female Riders were Linda Johnson with 736 Miles, Judy Emerson with 531 Miles, and Peggy Shepard with 106 Miles. Certificates and Green Mile special socks were presented to each at the TCBC Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony last night, November 19, 2022.

If you did not participate in 2022, please do in 2023! It is easy and fun. Follow the Directions on the Green Miles Webpage on the TCBC website at  The program has already started for the 2023 Ride Year. The 2022 Green Miles Archive is also available on the site!

A special thanks to Jim Pederson, who has assisted me with the web forms and statistics with the Green Miles program.

Posted : November 20, 2022 1:54 pm
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