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TCBC Bike U: Tuesday Tuneup Ride 25th Anniversary – May 23, 2024

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TCBC Bike University Program: Tuesday Tuneup Ride 25th Anniversary – Jim Angle, Larry Miller, and Dick Stardig – Thursday, May 23, 2024, at 07:00 pm. See the Zoom Registration information below.

Three of the Ride Leaders from the TCBC Tuesday Tuneup Ride will talk about the history of the ride that goes back more than 25 years and what techniques they have used over the years to make it such a successful ongoing ride on the TCBC Ride Calendar. While there are many great TCBC rides, all ride leaders can learn that by sharing responsibility, consistently having a ride on the calendar, and having various routes, they can have a ride that TCBC riders come back to week after week and year after year.

The speakers are:

Jim Angle – Born in Nebraska, he has lived in the Twin Cities for the past 50 years. He retired in 2012. Jim joined TCBC back in 1999 and became a ride leader in 2005. He has led rides on the west side, out of Lake Minnetonka, Long Lake, and Wayzata.  Jim joined a group that has led the Tuesday Tuneup ride since 2013 when Chuck Sunder passed it on to a group of ride leaders.

Larry Miller -His first Tuesday Tuneup ride was in September 1998. That was an American Youth Hostel ride that Chuck Sunder started. Larry retired in September 1998 and this allowed him to ride in the morning, and was a ride leader in the early years as well as the voice of the telephone hotline for ten years until the TCBC computer website was created. He has done 460 Tuesday Tuneup rides to date, and other riders started riding Tuesday Tuneup from the start which may exceed his number of rides, but he hasn’t kept track of them. Larry leads and rides for the camaraderie, and the fact this ride is on the west side of town. It is also a personal commitment to ride every Tuesday, even though he can no longer keep pace with the majority of the riders.

Dick Stardig – He has a love of cycling that extends back 25 years and currently pursues road, mountain, gravel, and fat biking.  That love of cycling motivated Dick to join TCBC some 19 years ago.  Since then, he has become an active member of the club, participating in numerous club rides throughout the years.  For the past two and a half years, Dick has had the honor of serving as the TCBC club president.  When he retired in 2018, Dick looked for rides that ran during the week in the daytime. He was immediately drawn to the Tuesday Tuneup since it was a recurring ride with several different routes and was attended by many of his TCBC friends. The Tuesday Tuneup became a regular event on Dick’s calendar that he seldom missed.  A couple of years back, he became one of the rotating ride team leaders. The Tuesday Tuneup continues to be one of Dick’s top favorite TCBC rides.

Registration: You must register for the Zoom Program in advance by going to this link:

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After Program Information:

Larry, Jim, and Dick provided the history of the ride, which was started by Chuck Sunder over 25 years ago. Chuck led the ride until 2013 when the ride was turned over to a group of ride leaders who have carried on the ride to the present. Chuck originally had four different routes and they have continued with some editing. Two more routes were added, and Pete May put them all in Ride with GPS. The ride has always started at the Minnetonka Ice Arena.

Dick talked about all the past and current ride leaders who have been part of the Tuesday Tuneup. The ride has been an A/B ride and for the 2024 season, a B option was added. He also talked about some of the challenging aspects of managing six different routes with road construction and closures.

The speakers talked about having a group of ride leaders and how this model makes it easy to have a consistent ride every week from May through October. They also said that having the comradery of the group makes the ride so much fun.

Larry also talked about being the voice of the TCBC Hotline, which provided information on rides before the club moved to an online presence.

A big thanks to Larry, Jim, and Dick for taking the time to talk about this well-run ride that serves as an inspiration and model for other TCBC rides.

Please follow the link below to the Zoom recording of the session on the TCBC YouTube Channel:


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