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Silent Sports offer for TCBC members  

Michael K
Estimable Member Key Volunteer, Ride Leaders

We have an offer from Silent Sports Magazine for a 3 month free subscription as a benefit for TCBC Members only.  (If you have not renewed your membership yet, another reason to do so)

They just did an article in the Magazine on the TCBC in their July Issue.

From Managing Editor Bruce Steinberg:

Hi, Mike:  I'm emailing you now because I want you to know that anybody who is a member of the Twin Cities Bicycling Club can receive three months of Silent Sports Magazine--gratis. All a member would have to do is call or email Lynn Schoohs, who handles the mailings of magazines, say they're from the TCBC and the preferred address of delivery, and they'll get free copies three months in a row. It can start with the August issue, or the September issue, or October . . . whenever a member would like to start this. 

Lynn Schoohs, pronounced like the footwear, can be reached by emailing her at lschoohs@mmclocal, or by calling 715-258-4360  And she's one of the nicest people you could ever meet. Feel free to just forward this email to your membership, if you'd like, and anybody in the TCBC who has any questions about this can also email me.


Posted : July 4, 2020 9:57 am