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RideStats Updates coming in next few days

Bob Fix
Member Admin

Hello everyone,

There will be some RideStats updates going into effect in the next couple of days.  There are not any major functionality changes to report - However the one difference that riders will see is that the registration process for rides will now be displayed in a "Wizard" format in all places on the site.  Some members noticed the "Wizard" style of registration when accessing the registration from the agenda view versus a normal calendar view - Now this will be consistent throughout the application.  The other thing you will notice is that registration will actually be its own webpage now instead of a modal (pop up) style of interface.  This should help with some of the display difficulties on some mobile devices.  Mobile devices are always a moving target - so the idea of this update is to try to smooth out a few of the rougher edges.

Thank you to all of the ride leaders that have offered solo rides during the winter - I envy your dedication and hardiness!  You're good Minnesotans!



Topic starter Posted : January 24, 2021 12:21 pm