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Ride Leader / VIP Picnic Update for June 18th

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Update on Ride Leader / VIP Picnic from the organizers:
Greetings All!  Our picnic is still on for this evening at Thompson County Park from 5:00 - 8:00 pm.  We just want to let you know that we will be in a large covered pavilion to protect us even if it rains.  Food is scheduled to be delivered close to 5:00 so we should be able to eat around 5:30 and adjust the length of our stay depending on what the weather does.  We're looking forward to seeing everyone, catching up, enjoying good food and beverages and celebrating all you do to make TCBC great.  Hoping to see you there!  
- Picnic organizers John Benda, Jean Bentley and Patt Saleen
Posted : June 18, 2024 12:07 pm