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Problems with Ride With GPS Maps & Cues?

Bob Floyd
Trusted Member Key Volunteer, Ride Leaders

If you are a non-ride leader and are having trouble accessing the club maps and cues, or are having trouble downloading to the RWGPS app on your phone, please let me (Bob Floyd) and Johnny Pugh know at rwgpsadmin[at]biketcbc[dot]org.

Ride Leaders: You should be having no trouble with any of this. Although...

Topic starter Posted : June 10, 2021 2:14 pm
Tom Brix
New Member Ride Leaders

I am Tom Brix, a ride leader. I can get a cue sheet on one page with 4 sections called the official for Jeff Johnson's rides. But for most other rides, the cue sheet requires one whole line for each turn, thus requiring many pages to print the cue sheet. I think I use the same procedure?

Posted : June 14, 2021 8:43 pm
Bob Floyd
Trusted Member Key Volunteer, Ride Leaders

Apparently Jeff (kudos!!) takes the time to create an "Official Cue Sheet", as do I and hopefully many other ride leaders. In the case of a crummy cue sheet, you can nicely ask the ride leader to create an "Official Cue Sheet". They may not know what you are asking for, so your reply would be

1) ask them to sign into the club account and open their route for viewing. Then click on "More -- Print Map & Cue PDF". When a ride leader does this, they get an offer to "Create Official Cue Sheet". They can format the cue sheet at that point and people will then get an option to print the official cue sheet.


2) send them to me or Johnny Pugh for help.

If you are still having trouble, I can add you to the club account as a member or as a ride leader. But you will need a free personal account first. The learning process for "member" is much simpler, but you can't create club routes. But it should solve the access problems so you can get at the cue yourself.

I'll send out a note to ride leader RWGPS members reminding them about official route creation.

I hope that helps.

Topic starter Posted : June 15, 2021 9:49 am