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Piram Trail in St. Paul is open  

Doug Nelson
Trusted Member Key Volunteer, Ride Leaders

Enjoyed the warmth today with plenty of other folks. Biked the new Robert Piram Trail, which stretches almost 4 miles from Harriet Island to Kaposia Landing Park in South St. Paul, where it connects with the Mississippi River Trail and the trail at Simon's Ravine trailhead on Concord Ave. All well paved, all off road, pretty flat, and a few new bridges too. Official opening is next year, but it's ready now! It just needs more signs. From Harriet Island, head east along Plato. From Simon's Ravine, head north following the trail between Concord and the river. Will write up in more detail in the next newsletter.

Topic starter Posted : November 19, 2020 6:47 pm