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Mudslide closes portion of the Big Rivers Trail in Lilydale  

Jeff Johnson
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A mudslide has closed the Big Rivers Trail between the crossing at Hwy 13 in Mendota and Lilydale Road near the Pool and Yacht Club until further notice. To bypass this you will need to use Hwy 13 and the Lidydale Road hill. 

Big Rivers Regional Trail

Paved Regional Trail: Trail Closure:  a section of trail is currently closed between Lilydale and Mendota due to erosion issues​.  The trail closure is located approximately 1 mile from the HWY 13 trail crossing and .5 miles from the Lilydale trailhead.  The trail can be used both ways up till the closure.   At the closure point, users will need to turn around and head back in the direction they came from.  ​Barricades, fencing and signage will be placed on the trail at the closure location.   This section of trail is closed until further notice.  ​Please check back for updates.  ​



Posted : March 30, 2020 5:44 pm
Johnny Pugh
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I rode past there this morning before they closed it. I saw a crew looking at it when I rode past. It's a huge bummer that this trail is closed since it is so much nicer to ride than Hwy 13!

Posted : March 30, 2020 6:32 pm