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Lowering the speed limit  

Dan Miller
Trusted Member Ride Leaders

In March, Minneapolis and St. Paul announced that they were lowering speed limits on their city’s arterial streets from 30 to 25 mph and neighborhood streets to 20 mph.  The new speed limits will take effect as new signs are installed with a planned city-wide transition by Fall 2020.  Substantial data exists that more people survive accidents when vehicles travel at lower speeds. Lower speeds allow drivers to be more aware of their surroundings, walkers, rollers and other vehicles.  Lower speed limits and traffic calming street design are important pillars of the draft Minneapolis Transportation Plan and its Vision Zero strategy.


Yesterday, I received notice that St. Anthony Village, a suburb bordering my Northeast Minneapolis neighborhood has adopted a new 25 mph speed limit which begins June 23. https://www.savmn.com/461/Speed-Limits .  This is exciting news because it will increase awareness and compliance on roads we commonly share.  I may have played a small part in this by recommending it to a St. Anthony Village resident and friend, who shared it with his mayor, council person and bike/walk organization.  After three successive council readings, the new ordinance passed.


So with this new success, I am reaching out to the TCBC community that live throughout the metro area to urge you to talk with your elected officials, neighbors and supporters and see if we can make 25 mph a metro wide reality.


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Posted : June 25, 2020 9:27 am