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It's a Rainy Day - Sign Up and Enter your Green Miles and Watch Episodes of Bike U!

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Edward Eroe
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Today is a perfect rainy day to take the time to sign up for Green Miles and watch a few episodes of Bike University!

I have talked to several riders that rode their bikes to recent rides I have been on, but are not entering Green Miles. Their responses are, "I only live a mile or two from the ride start" or "why participate because I will never catch Johnny Pugh". Remember, that every mile counts, as the purpose of the program is how many car miles and gallons of gasoline that we all can save collectively as a club! Where individuals fall in the number of Green Miles is secondary, and I am sure Johnny would support this statement! So please, sign up and enter your Green Miles and if you have not signed up, please do now! Go to the Green Miles section of the website at for all the information and rules for participation. Always be safe by taking the most direct safe route to and from rides and use all the safety skills that the club supports on our Club Rides!

I have also talked to riders about the several Bike University programs we have had this year and have received answers such as "I have not had the time", or "I am interested in that program but have not watched it yet". Well, how about today? There are programs on the Environment, TCBC History, Equity in Bicycling, and Understanding E-Bikes! All the programs can be found at this link, . The Bike University Council of Regents is looking into and planning new episodes on such topics as The Greenway, Fat Bikes, Tandem Riding, and Bike Safety! Watch for them this Fall!

Posted : May 25, 2022 8:58 am