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Heads Up: St. Croix Trail/95 Detour involving Panola Drive/CR 86 & Orlinda Trail/3

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It looks like they are repairing the section of St. Croix Trail/95 between Highway 97 and a little south of Panola Drive on the stretch of 95 between Stillwater and Osceola or parts thereabouts. They are re-routing traffic onto Panola Drive/CR 86.

Panola has little to no shoulder and usually that is not an issue because few cars seem to use Panola during the day.  However, with the reroute,  traffic on Panola is moving fast and in both directions including trucks hauling.  I did bike it today-Tuesday around 11/noon-, and I was able to ride it without much issue; however, if traffic is coming in both directions and meet, there is little room for the bike and vehicles to maneuver. 

A possible alternative to using Panola Dr (for those going east/west) could be 260th Street.  If you are taking 243 west(out of Osceola, WI), 243 turns into 260th after you cross St. Croix Trail, 95.  260th St. has one or two rollers, but it is doable and may have less traffic. 260th Street is farther north than Panola so there might be an added mile or two.  Perhaps other riders can offer some possible alternate routes.  

Re-routed traffic onto Orlinda Trail/3 is not much of an issue due to the wide shoulders.  Plus parts of Orlinda are newly paved!

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Topic starter Posted : October 5, 2021 7:43 pm