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Green Miles!

Edward Eroe
Eminent Member Key Volunteer, Ride Leaders
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Green Miles? Yes, starting in November 2021, or the next ride year, TCBC will be offering Green Miles. Green Miles are not Club Miles and insurance is not provided; however, we wanted to support and recognize those riders that ride to and from our Club Rides rather than drive their cars.

Green miles will only be awarded for miles to and from a Club Ride that is completed by the rider. Perhaps one small thing we can do as a club to help reduce carbon emissions! This will be a member opt-in program only and while the top riders will be recognized, the main goal is to see how our overall club can do by the end of next year.

I will be coordinated the program and stay-tuned for additional information on how you can participate. In the meantime I am looking for up to five riders to test the ride entry system that has been developed by the TCBC Technology Committee for the remainder of October. If you are interested, e-mail: Think Green!

Topic starter Posted : October 7, 2021 10:31 am
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