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For Ride Leaders and General Members Alike - Ride Updates

Bob Fix
Member Moderator

Hi everyone!

During the summer heat, sometimes unpredictable weather, or other issues - a ride may be changed, updated, or cancelled close to the ride start.  Overall, ride leaders really do an awesome job limiting changes prior to a ride - but here are some best practices for ride leaders and our general membership alike.

For Ride Leaders:

While RideStats has a function in it that allows you to email people who have registered for a ride to update them on the ride (route change, delay, etc.) this does not cover people who may be thinking of registering for the ride, or may be registering as you are typing up your message!  Please try to post your information to the "Ride Cancelled, Delayed, or Reschedule" Forum so that the information has a second method of reaching the greater club membership.

It is also important to post both ways because email is not a guaranteed service model.  Never has been.  Many older mail providers, particularly free email providers, (aol, earthlink, msn) do not have the resources behind their email services that they used to in their heydays and mail might get filtered or simply dropped if their routers are overloaded - or anywhere along the Internet path from sender to receiver.  By having the forum + a message - you have a better chance of ensuring your audience receives a critical update.  

For Riders:

Register early for rides if you can!  As someone who sees registrations come in - I can tell you that nearly 80% of riders register within 3 hours of a ride.  Registering too late runs the risk of missing communications from the ride leader.

Subscribe to the "Ride Cancelled, Delayed, or Reschedule" Forum so that you can get emailed updates on rides being updated or cancelled.  Yes - there is irony in asking you to get more email from a service that doesn't guarantee delivery, but I'm just trying to increase your chances! 🙂

Happy Riding!  Summer's Here!!


Topic starter Posted : June 23, 2022 9:38 am