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Cycling Mississippi Blvd both sides of the River  

Loren Stark
Active Member Ride Leaders

On Minneapolis Parkways, you can either ride on the bike paths or ride single-file on the right with vehicles. The part of the lane that is divided by cones, is now reserved for pedestrians---no cycling in that section of the road. So to go north, you would have to use the bike path; if headed south then either the road or the bike path is acceptable. I saw cyclists using the dedicated pedestrian side of the road heading both north and south today!

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Yet in St. Paul, the cone section of Mississippi Blvd between the Lake Street bridge and the Ford bridge accommodates both pedestrians and cyclists heading either north or south. Preferably to not use the bike path which is sometimes shared with pedestrians--social(physical) distancing.

So you can experience two different traffic systems on the same road when you go between Minneapolis and St. Paul on the east side of the River.

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Posted : May 5, 2020 7:51 pm