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All Club Ride Update

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Our Spring All-Club Ride is Saturday the 25th and plenty of you have already been signing up. Here are a few things to know.

The weather looks fairly decent, at least not hot or humid and probably dry.

There will be no water available at the start at Hugo Elementary, and we have rented two satellites there, with another one near the adjacent church.

Routes will be the same as last year, with one important change. The 3 longer routes will be going through Scandia for the first rest stop, but we do not have permission to use the grocery store or the Cenex Station. The stop will be on 209th St, at the Skating Park near City Hall (which is closed on Saturdays). The building will be open and has bathrooms and water, and there are two satellites in view across parking lots. There will be no food or drink available to buy in Scandia, so bring your own snacks and wait for the next rest stop (depending on your route) which will be expecting us.

There is plenty of parking at Hugo Elementary and at the church next door. We will plan on making announcements starting around 9:30 and splitting into groups to start the ride.

If you could sign up by Friday night that would be very helpful, as the leaders will wait as long as they can to print the ride sheets and bring them. If your name is not on a sheet, there will be blank ones to add yourselves.

There will be some cue sheets available for the 3 longest routes, and some maps for the 21-mile route. All routes have been recently checked and are in fine shape.

If during the ride your mileage changes from what you originally planned, just email me by May 31st to change your mileage. I will plan on entering all the riders onto RideStats the weekend of June 1.

Let's have a great summer kickoff and hope to see you there!

Doug Nelson, 

Posted : May 22, 2024 6:33 pm
Debra Eardley
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Have a great ride! I have to miss it this year to attend my granddaughters high school graduation. I look forward to seeing the photos! 

Posted : May 22, 2024 10:27 pm
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