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Hey everyone, we are lucky to be blessed with warm dry weather this Saturday and hope to see you in Hugo to join us. 

Please sign up soon if you are coming -- hopefully signing up by late Friday night or ABSOLUTELY by 8 AM Saturday. The leaders need to print the signup sheets and get them to our start by 9 AM. Yes, people can sign up at the start if needed.

We strongly encourage riders to use GPS, and/or print out and bring the cue sheets for the route you intend to ride. We will have copies of one combined cue sheet for the 3 routes.

We plan to take a couple of group photos to show off our new jerseys about 9:20. The ride briefing will follow soon after. There will be 3 satellites at the start, but no water -- a Speedway station is a few blocks away.

We need to stress that the way we handle the 3 rest stops is very important if we want to be able to use them again in the future. This means if you go inside the stops to use the bathrooms and get water, you MUST BUY SOMETHING. I have guaranteed our good behavior (yes, really). Two of the stops are kind of small so it would help if we didn't stand around inside unless we are waiting in a line. Standing around outside is fine, just be careful not to block other users entering and exiting and parking.

In Scandia, our bikers should NOT stop at the Scandia Market on Oakhill as it is not biker friendly. At the city hall below the church on 209th there is a satellite plus bathrooms inside the warming house next to the hockey rink.

Special thanks to Bob Floyd for some new route ideas that many of you have probably not seen, especially on the two longest routes. And thanks to our many leaders for the 7 different options!

Let's make it a safe and fun event on our largest get-together since last September.

Doug Nelson

Posted : May 25, 2023 6:25 pm
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Where can I find the cue sheets?

Posted : May 26, 2023 10:24 am
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Go into the ride listing you want, hit the Ride With GPS URL.... line, hit the little box on the upper left that says MORE, then below that hit Print Cuesheet.

Posted : May 26, 2023 4:17 pm