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Indoor Trainer (Saris M2 with Apps Connection) for sale

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I am selling the Saris M2 Smart Indoor Electromagnetic Resistance Bike Trainer, Compatible with Zwift App, Rouvy App, etc. and a Saris Indoor Bike Trainer Stackable Climbing Block (that holds your front wheel and allows you to raise or lower the elevation of your front tire. I purchased the bike trainer last Sept (2020) and I used it during the winter with Rouvy App. The trainer connects via bluetooth with apps. 

I will sell the trainer and the climbing block (see attached photo) for $250.00 $325.00 cash (the trainer and block are for sale together). I live in Roseville and am around most days and nights for pick up at my home. I do not have the original box, but I do have a color copy of the manual (also available online to be downloaded). Paul Floyd  email or 612 205 0773 



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Posted : October 16, 2021 8:23 pm