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FOR SALE - 2020 Sunseeker EZ-3 USX HD ETrike

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We are doing a favor for a friend of ours who is looking to sell his 2020 Sunseeker EZ-3 USX HD (HD = Heavy Duty, with 110 psi tires, 48 spoke wheels with double-wall rims, that will handle 400 pounds) equipped with a 36V ETrike motor kit. This particular bike does not fit our scope of what we do and it’s a shame because it is in perfect condition. 

Here is the spec page : <a href=" removed link " target="_blank" rel="noopener">EZ-3 USX HD – Sun Seeker Bicycles

It is practically brand new (it only has 11 miles on it) as we feel he was taken advantage of at the bike store who sold it to him – He’s a big guy and can get into this bike but struggles, and now can no longer, get out of it as it is too low for him.

When he purchased this bike in 2020, he paid $4,484.23 – I have the original receipt in my hand as well as the instructions, extra parts, and the standard rim that came with the bike before the conversion – He and his wife are very meticulous and kept everything.

If you would like photos, take a test ride, and/or make an offer - Please feel free to contact me at

Posted : September 23, 2022 10:55 am