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Snowshoeing on Snail Lake Marsh Saturday 1/21 at 1:00

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I'm going to tromp through the woods, cattails and open areas of Snail Lake Marsh this afternoon. TCBC members, guests and dogs are all welcome to join me. Here's a Ride with GPS map of the planned route (It won't be of much use for navigation but it shows the start location and the area we'll be snowshoeing in): Snail Lake Marsh This is not a maintained trail, it's just a man-made path. We'll be out for about an hour and will cover a distance of less than 2 miles but it'll probably feel like we've gone farther!

Meet in the LOWER parking lot for the Shoreview Community Center. Park in the south end of the lot, close to Highway 96. We will walk a short distance from the parking lot and pick up the snowshoe trail just on the other side of tunnel under Hwy 96. Restrooms available in the Community Center.

Call or text Lyle at 612 516 2053 with any questions.

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Posted : January 21, 2023 8:38 am