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Reservoir Woods Hike Thursday 11/9 at 10:30

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This is a 5-mile walk in Roseville that follows paved and unpaved trails in Reservoir Woods, some residential streets, and paved trails in Villa Park. It's likely to be breezy but most of the route is sheltered from the wind. We'll start by going through Villa Park and then take a more or less clockwise route through Reservoir Woods: Planned Hiking Route

There are a few fairly steep hills along the way, and we may encounter some slippery leaves. Meet at the parking lot for the B-Dale Club at 2100 Dale Street North in Roseville. The lot is hidden downhill and behind the building, and it also serves as the parking area for Villa Park. I don't think there is a portable toilet at the start but we'll pass one a little over a mile into the hike. Before leaving home, please check for possible cancellations. Call or text Lyle at 612 516 2053 if you have questions or to let me know you're coming. Guests and leashed dogs are welcome!

Posted : November 7, 2023 9:53 pm