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Hike from Wabun Picnic Area Monday, 2/12 at 11:00

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This hike will start from the Wabun Picnic Area and will include the Minnehaha Falls Lower Glen Trail, Coldwater Spring and a loop through the Minnesota Veteran's Home. Here is the route -- we may make some changes on the fly depending on trail conditions, the wishes of the group and the whims of the leader: Wabun-Coldwater Spring Hike (Counter-clockwise version)

Meet in the parking lot for the Wabun Picnic Area. The official address is 4655 46th Ave S, Minneapolis. Your GPS may go crazy trying to get to this address, so when you get close, it may be best to turn off the GPS and trust the Force. If that doesn't work, try this: Use 4600 Godfrey Parkway as the destination address. That will get you to the intersection of Godfrey Parkway and 46th Ave. Then head south on 46th Avenue a short distance to the first stop sign, turn left and go up the hill, then turn left again into the first parking lot. There should be a portable toilet somewhere along the route but the last time I was at the Wabun Picnic Area, no restroom facilities were available. Be prepared!

TCBC members, guests and leashed doggie friends are all welcome! For more information or to let me know you're coming, call or text Lyle at 612 516 2053

Posted : February 11, 2024 5:46 pm