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Como Spring 2023 Thursday 3/25 10:00AM

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This is an almost 4 mile walk in Como park. There will be options to go longer around the lake but with my New Knee I think 4 is enough. 

We will Meet in NORTH lot of Como lake Pavilion. Since we are not biking yet the NORTH lot is more suitable.

Any questions call or text Deb Fineman


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Posted : March 21, 2023 4:44 pm
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Hi Deb!

You're description mentions the north lot, but the RWGPS route shows the East lot as the start/stop. That lot is a bit smaller, so I just want to verify that you want to start there, or at the one on the west side next to the pavilion?


UPDATE Route has been updated to also show starting at/near the pavilion.

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Posted : March 21, 2023 4:55 pm
Debra Eardley
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Thanks for posting this walk event. It's wonderful your back! I can't join you, but look forward to walking with you soon!

Posted : March 22, 2023 9:23 am